bitNAP complies with ISO 9001, 27001, RPGD and PCI-DSS standards


bitNAP, invests all its benefits in R&D, developing new products, adapting infrastructures with objectives of greater efficiency and better quality for the client.


bitNAP is defined as a technological real estate; totally agnostic. bitNAP does not provide value-added services that compete with our clients such as VoIP, Cloud…

Datacenter Neutral

At bitNAP the combination of IP networks, colocation, transport providers and premium support offers users a foundation for any IT infrastructure.

About bitNAP

bitNAP is the result of experienced professionals in the IT sector, with the capacity to offer technological and efficient solutions, adapted to the needs of our clients, which help to generate savings and added value.

Our data center is located in an area with direct access to the main international fiber routes and in a building equipped exclusively as a data center, with flexibility to create rooms or technical cages tailored to the requirements of our clients, 10 minutes away. from the airport and the center of Barcelona.

The building with more than 3000 m2 of technical room offers uninterrupted power with multiple layers of redundancy, cooling and security, operated in compliance with TIER III regulations.

Energy efficiency is at the core of our business. Through innovation in design, processes, and working closely with customers and suppliers, we are continually improving the energy efficiency of the data center.

The bitNAP team collaborates by providing technological know-how in projects with a special social nature, complying with its code of corporate social responsibility.


• Electrical infrastructure with 2N configuration.
• Current building power capacity of 2MW x 2.
• Technical power supplied by static UPS with 2N redundancy.
• Mechanical systems supported by a backup generator system in 2N configuration.
• Fully diversified energy distribution to technical areas.
• Double independent electrical connection from the company to the end customer.
• Power supply of up to 15 KW in a rack.
• Availability of STS (Source Transfer Switch) installed.

• Temperature and humidity of technical spaces in accordance with current industry standards and maintained in such a way that the energy efficiency parameters established by ASHRAE are respected.
• Refrigeration monitored 24 × 7.
• Use of water cooling and direct expansion technologies.

• Security operations center staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• On-site security surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Closed circuit television (CCTV) system, with multiple indoor and outdoor cameras.
• CCTV records are kept for a minimum of 31 days.
• Perimeter intrusion detection system.
• Access control through proximity card readers.
• Access to the building by identification by ID document.

• Neutral character with respect to the operators.
• Access to multiple ISP’s telecommunications service providers, dark fiber, Ethernet, MPLS, transit providers, peering, etc.
• Several points of entry to the building (ring redundancy).
• Various wiring routes within the building.
• Available space on the roof for the placement of antennas and equipment for RF / satellite communications.

• Automatic gas fire detection and extinguishing system in all technical areas.
• Monitored smoke detection alarm system.
• BIES protection of connection between plants.

• Specific team for maintenance and management of the facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Continuous surveillance of environmental conditions in all technical areas monitored 24x7x365.
• 24x7x365 monitoring of all engineering systems.
• Complete energy measurement system.

• Installation and cable laying.
• Safe storage area.
• Conditioning of spaces.
• Support «remote hands».
• Advice BGP, LIR, RIPE.