IPs, remote hands, others

IPv4 and IPv6

bitNAP is an active member of RIPE which allows us to manage more than 5,000 IPv4 and 34,000 million / 64 of IPv6.

All bitNAP IPs are Spanish and fixed, in minimum ranges of / 30 IPv4 or / 64 IPv6.

We can customize the objects in the RIPE database from / 24 IPv4 and / 64 IPv6.

We also manage the creation of the PTR or reverse DNS records of the provided IPs.



At bitNAP we are enthusiastic about support.

Our team is available 24 × 7 and accompanies you to do remote hands or eyes whenever you need it.

If you want us to rack the equipment, confirm the status of any equipment and / or perform some basic action, do not hesitate and contact us!

Manos Remotas


To have maximum electrical availability, it is advisable to connect the equipment with a power supply to the output of an STS equipment, which will allow you to enjoy the electrical redundancy provided to the rack, obtaining a behavior identical to that of dual-source equipment. feeding.

Servicio STS

space 500 cm3

Space in our warehouse, guarded and accessible by our team 24 × 7.

Send or collect packages without problems and directly, and / or have spare parts, tools, … in the data center for your interventions using our storage facilities.